Welcome to Young & Restless of Atlanta  Stroke TBI Peer Support

Our mission is simple: We offer a forum for listening and sharing. Our goal is to provide a safe place to practice social and life skills and receive education from guest speakers. We all receive inspired learning from others as they face a lifelong disability with many challenges

Young And The Restless Peer Engagement-  A young (and young at heart) Stroke/TBI peer support group that meets on the third Thursday of each month.

We meet on the third Thursday of every month from 6:30-8:30 pm est.

Join us! All Welcome! ** no pressure, no camera needed ** 


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Support the Brain Injury Association of Georgia so we can support brain injury survivors! Please join us at any (or all) of our 2023 events!

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We are the Young and the Restless of Atlanta, and we know age is only a number.

We welcome the Survivor - the person that has experienced a Traumatic situation and lived, the Caregiver - the person responsible for the care of a survivor, Clinicians - those that have dedicated their life, for the study and use of techniques to prevent or deal with life afterward, and of course, the Ally - the person that has no direct relation to the situation or no family members impacted, but still wants to the help and has a heart for the Stroke/TBI communities at large. 

Research has shown that one of the risk factors for a difficult recovery after a stroke is social isolation. Humans are social animals; we need plenty of contact and connection with one another to thrive. But for stroke survivors who may have a wide range of disabilities, social contact can be difficult—even when your family is helping. That is why this support group exists. 


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